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Frequently asked questions

We now have an FAQ list that we hope will help you answer some of the more common ones.

1. Can I test runScrum for free?

Yes, of course! You can test runScrum with full funcionality and with unlimited number of users for 30 days for free. Install the app directly from MS App Source in your own SharePoint Online environment.

2. Is runScrum available for SharePoint OnPremise, too?

Unfortunately SharePoint OnPremise is currently not supported. We’re working hard on it, please stay tuned.

3. Is there a runScrum App for MS Teams, too?

We’re currently working on the MS Teams integration, to allow your teams using runScrum features directly in their Desktop or Mobile App. Please stay tuned!

4. Where can I find the documentation?

We’ve provided detailed Installation and User Guides for you. Please follow this link.

5. How do I install release updates?

Whenever there is a new runScrum release available, you’ll get an email notification and can download and install the new version. Don’t worry, we’ll send you detailed instructions.

6. Where can I report a bug or feature request?

Please visit this page and use the form below the release notes. If you have questions about the runScrum app you can either ask the community or contact our support.