Filling out Excel TimeSheets for hours on end is a thing of the past!
Today we do this online. With SharePoint. Fast and easy.

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Fast and clear or detailed:
Time Tracking

runScrum Timesheet is prepared for everything. Timesheets can be edited in every possible way with monthly, weekly and day view modes. The employees can always keep an eye on limits and capacities.

So you can not only track time, but also actively plan your capacities. Time can be booked directly on Epics or for specific teams. This turns annoying time tracking into active resource planning.

It's easier than ever:
Capacity Planning

Reviewing and approving timesheets is one of the little loved duties of line managers. To make this quick and easy, we created the intuitive manager interface of runScrum Timesheet.

Here you can see at a glance all timesheets that have been submitted for approval. In this overview you can see the capacities and booked times in a user-friendly Progress Bar. You can tell straightaway if there are any overbookings or free capacities.

All the Teams and Workstreams
At a glance

runScrum Timesheet supports active resource and capacity planning by managing quotas and tracking times at Epic and team level. In the dashboard all KPIs can be evaluated immediately.

So you always have a full overview of all teams and employees, but also of all contingents and work streams on which the teams are working. Not only can you see what times have been reported and approved, but also where they have occurred and how they have been used.

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