Sit back. Relax.
And let SharePoint run your
Service Desk.

Easily capture bugs, feature requests, and much more with the runScrum Service Desk. The runScrum Dashboard gives you everything you need to manage your tickets efficiently.
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SharePoint Service Desk runScrum
SharePoint Service Desk runScrum 2

The flagship for
your customer support

Is part of your portfolio as well.

SharePoint Service Desk Support Tickets runScrum
Despite thousands of tickets...

With runScrum everyone
keeps track of support tickets!

Once your product is ready, the ticketing system is the flagship for your service. That is why runScrum puts special emphasis on a uniform and intuitive usability.

Customers or departments can create and track support tickets. Teams can then add these tickets to their board and edit them there.

easy creation and tracking with intuitive handling
individual views for each user
all important support KPI's at the dashboard
SharePoint Service Desk runScrum Report
Full transparency on a click

All important
KPI's in real time.

If someone asks you about the support status, you can give an answer immediately.

Providing good support means not to lose track. Your dashboard with many important KPIs always tells you where you stand because you have all important data clearly displayed in one place.

Developed by
Agile Experts
100% agile and
SAFe© ready
runScrum Microsoft App Source SharePoint
Available for
Microsoft 365
free trial
Quick-Start SharePoint Support Tickets | runScrum

The SharePoint
Service Desk in action

Watch the quick start video and learn how to create and manage tickets, how to use quick filters and different types of views and how to report support KPI's from the dashboard.
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The runScrum project management suite

SharePoint ART Management | runScrum
ART Management

Portfolio management & collaboration across all teams with runScrum SAFe© Features.

SharePoint TimeSheets | runScrum

Simple approval workflows, capacity planning and more.

SharePoint Demand Management | runScrum
Demand Management

From WSJF calculation to PI Plannings and releases.

SharePoint Scrum Board | runScrum
Scrum Board

The core of runScrum developed by agile experts.

All modules inklusive

runScrum contains a set of tools that you can use to easily manage your agile projects in one place. This means you are SAFe® ready and create acceptance, clarity, and effectiveness.

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