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Easily capture bugs, feature requests, and much more with the runScrum Service Desk.
Authorize external users, create tickets via email … No problem at all!

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runScrum SharePoint Service Desk
Be it a manager, contributor or external sser:
The runScrum Dashboard gives you everything you need to manage your tickets efficiently.

Keep an eye on everything
The Dashboard

If someone asks you about the support status, you can give an answer immediately.

Providing good support means not to lose track. Your dashboard with many important KPIs always tells you where you stand because you have all important data clearly displayed in one place.

Make the world the way you like it:
Create your own Quickfilters

You work with hundreds of tickets every day and are tired of sorting them out every day?

With the runScrum ticket system you can easily create detailed quick filters for yourself or your whole team. They are always and immediately at your disposal and will make your daily work much easier.

For every working method
The perfect view

View your tickets from different perspectives and see the information is of interest to you right now: many details or many tickets.

We offer three views that you can switch between at any time: a tile view, a compact view, and a table view — all of them accessible with just one click.

Combine them with the Quickfilters and easily set up your own customized workspace.

Comments & Diskussion

Comment and discuss with your team tickets directly on the spot with the runScrum comment functions. So you can always keep an eye on all ticket-related activities.

Related Tickets

Just mark the dependencies between tickets. With the Related Ticket function, you make the relationships between individual tickets always easily visible for everyone.

Ticket History

The ticket history function gives you a full overview of all activities of a ticket. This way you can find out exactly who worked on this ticket, and when, and what was changed.

More tools

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