Sit back. Relax.
And let SharePoint run your
Scrum Board.

Operate effective value creation according to agile best practices: The SharePoint Scrum Board is the core of runScrum!
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SharePoint Scrum Board runScrum
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Teams work as effective
as the tools they use.

As well as motivated.

SharePoint Scrum Board Sprint runScrum
Keep the goal in focus!

With runScrum
teams pull together.

Planning and creating stories and sprints with just a few clicks and still keeping an eye on everything in detail is the goal of effective work. With the runScrum Backlog, we have perfected this for you.

Simple, intuitive working and seeing all the details at any time with just one click is the best guarantee for acceptance of new tools across teams.

User Acceptance with intuitive handling
immediately ready for use without configuration
integrated agile best-practices

SharePoint Agile Board | runScrum User Story SharePoint Scrum Board | runScrum Start Sprint SharePoint Agile Board | runScrum Time Tracking
Agile best-practices

So that teams are concentrating on the essentials...

A sprint is short and the time spent working with tools should be, too. Unlike other tools, we limit ourselves to an essential workflow.

The tool is tidy and immediately usable, and your team is guided to the best Scrum: simple, direct, clear, efficient. Everything you need is here, and everything that might confuse you has been left out.

Developed by
Agile Experts
100% agile and
SAFe© ready
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Available for
Microsoft 365
free trial
Quick-Start SharePoint Scrum Sprint Board | runScrum

The SharePoint
Scrum Board in action

Watch the quick start video and learn how to create teams, fill the backlog with stories and how to plan, operate and report a sprint.
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The runScrum project management suite

SharePoint ART Management | runScrum
ART Management

Portfolio management & collaboration across all teams with runScrum SAFe© Features.

SharePoint Service Desk | runScrum
Service Desk

Create and manage bugs, feature requests and more.

SharePoint Demand Management | runScrum
Demand Management

From WSJF calculation to PI Plannings and releases.

SharePoint TimeSheets | runScrum

Simple approval workflows, capacity planning and more.

All modules inklusive

runScrum contains a set of tools that you can use to easily manage your agile projects in one place. This means you are SAFe® ready and create acceptance, clarity, and effectiveness.

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