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Operate effective value creation according to agile best practices:
The core of runScrum!

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runScrum SharePoint Scrum Board
Run Scrum is planning stories and sprints and of course processing the stories in a board
sso that everyone knows who is working on what.

Sprint Planning

Planning and creating stories and sprints with just a few clicks and still keeping an eye on everything in detail is the goal of effective work. With the runScrum Backlog, we have perfected this for you.

Simple, intuitive working and seeing all the details at any time with just one click is the best guarantee for acceptance of new tools across teams.

Best practices with the
Active Sprint Board

A sprint is short and the time spent working with tools should be, too. Unlike other tools, we limit ourselves to an essential workflow.

The tool is tidy and immediately usable, and your team is guided to the best Scrum: simple, direct, clear, efficient. Everything you need is here, and everything that might confuse you has been left out.

More than just colorful lines:
The Dashboard

Dashboards can be cruel, very colorful, with a lot of lines but only little information. For us, useful information for daily use means effectively supporting a daily scrum. Where does the sprint stand? Is our commitment still valid? What should we do next?

The Dashboard answers these questions immediately and directly. There is a lot of logic and analysis in only a few numbers, e.g., in the prognosis if your sprint will be realistically successful, or what your actual velocity is. This makes the dashboard a valuable tool for analysis.

Related PBI's

With the Related Ticket function, you can create dependencies between tickets that are visible across teams. This reduces the risk of impediments significantly.

Time Tracking

Loved little by developers and often forgotten, which is why we designed this with super simple and intuitive — and with lots of love! You can now see the added value at first glance.

Manage PBI's in Sprints

Close your sprint and decide immediately what should happen to PBIs that have not yet been completed. So you always keep up with the next sprint.

Weitere Module

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