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Demand Management.

The entire Demand Management of your organisation from evaluation to planning and implementation of changes to release.
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SharePoint Demand Management runScrum
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SharePoint Demand Management Features runScrum
Have you occupied the market yet?

With runScrum you reduce the Time-to-Market.

How is that? – you might ask. With runScrum you establish agile best-practices in your organisation and operate effective risk management. This is how you be able to release your product to the market as quickly as possible.

Thanks to clear dashboards and easy-peasy handling you have an overview of all processes at any time and respond even faster to market requirements.

Quick overview of all demand processes
effective planning and prioritisation
flexible management and real-time controlling
SharePoint SAFe WSJF Prioritization runScrum
Weighted Shorted Job First:

This is how you prioritise
more precise & effective!

With the WSJF method proposed by SAFe and supported in runScrum, your Epics will prioritize themselves virtually on their own. The Valuepoints and Storypoints used support agile demand management right from the start. Now you plan the MVP features reliable and are able to occupy the market just in time.

Developed by
Agile Experts
100% agile and
SAFe© ready
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From the first idea to operation:

Reliable planning &
flexible controlling

All your demand processes are displayed on one board and can be controlled and operated from there. This is how you sty flexible and are able to react to market requirements at an early stage.

In the runScrum Program Kanban, the process can be tracked across all features and all teams in a central board. The Kanban program reacts automatically to activities in the team boards so that it always remains up-to-date.

Quick-Start SharePoint Demand Management and PI Planning

Demand Management

PI plannings

Create features in the backlog and organise them in Product Increments (PI)

Product Kanban & Gantt Chart

Monitor the status of your features with the Kanban Board and track dependencies with the Gantt Chart

Release Management

Manage releases with related stories and bugs from the Scrum Board

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The runScrum project management suite

SharePoint ART Management | runScrum
ART Management

Portfolio management & collaboration across all teams with runScrum SAFe© Features.

SharePoint Service Desk | runScrum
Service Desk

Create and manage bugs, feature requests and more.

SharePoint Scrum Board | runScrum
Scrum Board

The core of runScrum developed by agile experts.

SharePoint TimeSheets | runScrum

Simple approval workflows, capacity planning and more.

All modules inklusive

runScrum contains a set of tools that you can use to easily manage your agile projects in one place. This means you are SAFe® ready and create acceptance, clarity, and effectiveness.

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