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Define and evaluate
Product Features & Epics

At the program level, you define features and epics that will later be created by multiple teams working in parallel. No matter how large the product or how many teams are working on it, all the details flows together here. This makes it easy to control projects of any size.

Prioritizing with the
"WSJF - Weighted Shortest Job First" method

Product features are often requested by different departments. It is often difficult to find the ideal prioritization during implementation and to live up to everyone's expectations, but at the same time it is a critical economical factor.

With theWSJF methodproposed by SAFe and supported in runScrum, your Epics will prioritize themselves virtually on their own. The Valuepoints and Storypoints used support agile demand management right from the start.

From the idea all the way to the operation:
Program Kanban

The Portfolio Kanban describes the stages of Epics across the entire lifecycle from idea to operation.

When many teams are working on large projects at the same time, it is often difficult to keep a central overview at all times. In the runScrum Program Kanban, the process can be tracked across all features and all teams in a central board. The Kanban program reacts automatically to activities in the team boards so that it always remains up-to-date.

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