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With the ART Management you now organise your entire portfolio in Agile Release Trains.
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SharePoint Agile Release Trains runScrum
SharePoint Agile Release Trains runScrum 2

You decide
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runScrum provides the fuel.

SharePoint Agile Release Train Management runScrum
SharePoint Agile Release Train Management runScrum 2
Full control

From the initial idea to production and beyond...

Uniform reporting across many teams is always a critical success factor in scaled organizations. It’s not only important that the reports look the same, but above all that the KPIs are collected and evaluated uniformly.

The ART dashboard takes care of this by providing independent KPIs at ART level and across all runScrum modules for you to analyze.

Simply manage all value streams
Planning, development & support at one place
Unified KPI's and Analysis
SharePoint Portfolio Management Dashboard runScrum
At a glance

One tool –
all value streams.

In an agile context and especially in a DevOps culture where development and operations take place and are balanced at the same time, it is often difficult to identify and report the positions for CapEx and OpEx.

runScrum supports real agile controlling and a precise survey of CapEx and OpEx positions by integrating many modules for development and operation and by integrating all KPIs. This creates an important basis for agile contracting.

Developed by
Agile Experts
100% agile and
SAFe© ready
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Agile Release Trains

Create multiple Agile Release Trains within your SharePoint Site Collection.

SharePoint ART Management | runScrum
ART Dashboard

All important KPI's of the entire ART at a glance.

agile teams runScrum icon
Agile Teams

Manager users und permissions for all your ART's.

The runScrum project management suite

SharePoint Demand Management | runScrum
Demand Management

From WSJF calculation to PI Plannings and releases.

SharePoint Service Desk | runScrum
Service Desk

Create and manage bugs, feature requests and more.

SharePoint Scrum Board | runScrum
Scrum Board

The core of runScrum developed by agile experts.

SharePoint TimeSheets | runScrum

Simple approval workflows, capacity planning and more.

All modules inklusive

runScrum contains a set of tools that you can use to easily manage your agile projects in one place. This means you are SAFe® ready and create acceptance, clarity, and effectiveness.

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