runScrum v1.0.7.14

New Filter options for Team and ART Backlog

We know how time-consuming it can be to find a specific story, feature, or bug. So recently we added new filter options for the team and ART backlog.

In the team backlog you now have the option to filter by PBI type – story, task, spike, bug, which enormously improves usability and makes everything a lot easier.

In addition, if you e.g. want to search for all PBI types that are assigned to a particular function, you can do that too – by simply clicking on the drop-down menu which shows all active functions.

Since several teams usually work in a PI at the same time, we know how important it is to be able to sort and filter the features accordingly. For this reason we have added the option to filter by a specific team and initiative on the ART backlog page.

Complexity wizard

One cool new feature we have is the Complexity Wizard. Let’s face it, very often teams are confused about the right job size when estimating new features. To make the estimation process easier for them, we’ve added a brand new feature called the Complexity Wizard. It basically consists of 8 questions that will guide your team and remind them of important things like dependencies, interfaces to external systems, CRUD operations, etc. When all questions have been answered, the system automatically estimates the job size.

If you’d like to try it out, go to the WSJF Calculations page at the Program level and click on the job size criterion of one of the items there.

Acceptance Tests

We value the agile way of thinking and working very much and do this with all of its best practices – that’s why we strive with runScrum to promote the best SCRUM and SAFe practices.

Writing acceptance tests directly into the tickets can help troubleshoot problems early on. For this reason we have added this component directly in the “Add new PBIs” form. This can also improve the work of the QA team and make its efforts transparent for everyone in the team, as there are additional options to mark these tests as ToDo, In Progress or Done.

Open and edit MS Office documents in browser

While we do not support writing extensive documentation, we know that sometimes it is not possible to avoid it. From now on, all MS Office documents – Word, Excel, PowerPoint etc., which are added to a ticket in runScrum, can be opened, edited and saved directly in your browser. That way, you don’t have multiple working versions and nothing can be lost.

Move Service Desk Tickets in Team/ ART Backlog

We also have great news for all of our customers who use runScrum as well as Service Desk. With just a few clicks it is now possible to move your Service Desk tickets directly to one of your teams or to the ART Backlog.

Bulk actions in Team & ART Backlog

Bulk actions for Team & ART backlogs are now available – you can save time ordering your backlog and move multiple tickets to the next Sprint / PI, moving them to the backlog or deleting them.

Improvements for the Text Editor

We have worked on the text editor and made some significant improvements – options such as mentioning functionality, designing your descriptions according to your wishes, adding images only via D&D etc. have been added.

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