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  • We added new filtering options to the Product Kanban and WSJF Calculation and made them a fantastic addition to your next PI Planning.
  • You can sort now your features according to your product priorities – easily, just with Drag & Drop

Release Management

When planning a release, we know how important it is to have a simple and convenient way to track the progress of all planned tickets. It’s important for winning new customers, but also for keeping the existing ones happy. That’s why we’ve added a new Release Management Tool to runScrum. This new feature gives you the tools to plan and sync better new product versions across multiple teams.

What you can do now:

  • Create/ Edit/ Delete releases
  • Create products part of one Value Stream and assign releases to them
  • Assign PBIs to a product and to a release
  • Track the progress of all current and planned releases
  • Have a good overview of the ticket progress in each version
  • Know how much value you delivered with your releases (presented with Story Points)
  • Easily move tickets between releases
  • Keep your stakeholders informed
  • Make an informed product decision based on the release status

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