Installation Guide

Please note:
runScrum can only be installed to your SharePoint environment by a user with administrator permissions

Open App Catalog

Click on the “App launcher” button at the top left of the page (dotted square icon).

Select “Admin”.

In the left sidebar click on “Show all” and under “Admin centers” click “SharePoint”.

In the newly opened window click “Apps” from the sidebar and select App Catalog.

From the left navigation menu select “Apps for SharePoint”.

Upload Solutions in SharePoint App Catalog

For all of Blubito RunScrum Webparts (team-rooms.sppkg, runscrum-ticketing-system.sppkg, runscrum-timesheet.sppkg) you need to repeat the following 4 steps:

  1. Click on the “Upload” button.
  2. Browse to the app you want to upload.
  3. Click on the “OK” button.

After uploading the web part, click the deploy command in the pop-up window.

At the end there should be 4 available apps in the App Catalog.

Navigate to the site page where you want to install the “Team Rooms” web part.

Click the “Settings” icon on the top right of the page and then select “Add an app”.

Enter “team-rooms” in the search field and select the team-rooms App.

After the installation you will be redirected to the Site contents page. The App will be installed there.

Go to the page where you want to add the web part.

If you do not see the site page that you want, click “Site contents” on the Quick Launch bar, in the list of contents, click “Site Pages”, and then click the page that you want.

If the page is not already in edit mode, click “Edit” at the top right of the page.

Click + and you'll see a list of web parts to choose from. To easily find the web part you're looking for, start typing in the Search box.

After that the web part will be displayed and you should click on the “Republish” button to save the changes.

Congratulations!You can runScrum now

Psst... runScrum is temporarily available for free!