To grant ART Portfolio access to a user, add the user in one of the 3 default site groups – Owners, Members or Visitors.

Only user with permission level Full control on the ART Portfolio site or SharePoint Administrators can see the “Create new ART” button

Manage users and teams


Navigate to Team Management

To create a team within an ART click Team -> Team Management in the sidebar.


View all ART users

Now you should see all users who have access to the ART with the defined roles for each module and their total capacity.


Create new team

In the top navigation click on Team Management and add a new team. Give your team a name and select the members. Once you’re done click save.


Define capacity for team members

You should now see the just created team in the list. Expand a team and define a capacity for each team member. You can also add a new Team member here.


Add new user

To add new users click on User Management in the top navigation and add a new user.


Define user permissions

In the modal choose a user, define the employment type and give the user access to the modules. Define the capacity and assign the new user to a team.


View assigned teams and capacities

Once you’re done, you should see the new user in the list. When you expand a list item you can see the teams the user is assigned to with the capacity.

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