Service Desk & Ticket Management with runScrum A quick start guide


Navigate to Service Desk

Open the Service Desk by navigation to DevOps -> Service Desk in the left sidebar and click on Create new ticket in the top right corner.


Create new ticket

Now fill all fields. You can also assign tickets to epics and add attachments such as screenshots. Once you’re done click on save. You can also add more tickets right away by activating the checkbox.


Tickets overview

Go back to the tickets overview. You should now see all tickets in the list.


View & edit details

Click on the title to open the details view. You can edit all fields by clicking on them. Once you’re done with editing click on save at the bottom.


Related tickets

You can also connect a ticket to other related items by clicking on the plus icon. Search for the ticket ID and select the ticket.


Add comments

Add comments by clicking on the button I the top right corner.


Ticket history

To see all changes, that have been made on a ticket scroll down in the left sidebar and click on ticket history.


Merge duplicated tickets

To merge multiple tickets go back to tickets overview and select all tickets you want to merge to one. Then click on the bulk icon in the top right corner and select merge tickets. You can now decide whether to merge attachments, too.

The tickets will be merged into a new one. Fill all fields in the form and click on save, once you’re done. The tickets you’ve merged are now automatically set to closed and are listed in the new ticket as related tickets.


Create new quick filter

To configure your own quick filters navigate to tickets overview, click on the arrow button to expand the left sidebar and create a new quick filter.


Define queries

Now give the filter a meaningful name and select the column and operators to filter for. You can add one or many queries.

You can also select the filter to be the default one and make it public (filter is available for all team members) or private (filter is only available for you).

Once you’re done click on save and add another filter or go back to the dashboard.


Filter & sort tickets

To activate a filter navigate to ticket overview, click on the arrow button to expand the left sidebar and click on one of the quick filters. There you can also sort tickets by a specific data field or search for tickets.


Setup preferences

To setup your preferences navigate to the settings. There you define automatically assigned user, default views, labels and more.


Navigate to dashboard

To see the tickets reports navigate to the dashboard in the top navigation.


Select view

Now open the left sidebar and select the time period and the user. You can show all tickets, only the tickets wich are assigned to you or to a specific user.

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