Quick-Start SharePoint Demand Management and PI Planning

Manage Dependencies with the Gantt chart

In runScrum you can view a Gantt Chart from two different perspectives:

Program view

Open the runScrum App and navigate to Gantt Chart in the top navigation You’ll see all ART’s and regarding Product backlog items (collapse)

Product / ART view

Open an ART and navigate to Product -> Gantt Chart You’ll see all Product Backlog items within this ART


Select your preferred view

In the Gantt Chart you can set your preferred view by selecting the time period, time scale and scrollbars at the top.


Show & hide columns

Click on the arrow at the top left corner to select the columns to be shown.


Expand / collapse Gantt Chart

You can also expand and collapse the Item Columns to have the Gantt Chart in full-width view. Just click on the left-arrow to collapse the columns and the right-arrow to expand them.


Edit features

By clicking on the Name of each item, you’ll be able to see and edit the details such as Start Date and duration.


Add dependencies

In the Gantt Chart you can now define dependencies between items by drag&drop the contact points.

Next step: Value Streams and Product Releases