Quick-Start SharePoint Demand Management and PI Planning

Create initiatives and link your PBIs to them


Go to initiatives and create new one

To list your initiatives, first open an ART and navigate to Program and select ART Backlog in the left sidebar. On this page you will find an Initiatives button in the secondary navigation menu. Click on it and you will be redirected to the initiatives overview page.


Create an initiative

Click on the Create new initiative button in the top right corner to create your first item.


Fill out the form and click on Create

Fill out the form giving your initiative a name, owner, and priority. If already known, you can enter the planned and forecast completion dates. Include the status and the status reason of the initiative. There are also a fields available for the goal you hope to achieve with this initiative and for the description. We strongly recommend that you make use of these options.


Link all your features to the relevant initiative

Now you can start to link all your features to the respective initiative.


View initiative’s details page

To view and edit initiatives, click on the title or the symbol on the right (detailed view). All associated features are also listed there.

Next Step: Start a PI Planning