About runScrum

We are agile Transformers and
we love Software…

and we also love cool Tools

and we also love effective work

and we also love MS SharePoint and MS Teams

and we also love doing something good for all of us

That's why runScrum is now available

We are demanding and have developed runSCRUM the way we would like to use it ourselves or recommend it to our customers in digital or agile transformations.

We've gathered them all
To build runScrum

Agile Coaches with many years of experience in digital and agile transformations in very different organizations. UI/UX designers and our development teams, product owners and scrum masters with their experience from dozens of development projects.

But our customers have also had a significant influence on functionalities and the user experience with their feedback. And even some competitors like JIRA & Co. have inspired us to do things or to stop doing certain things or to do things completely different.

And last but not least, Microsoft provided the platform as well as the inspiration to think one step further in an agile environment with MS SharePoint and MS Teams.

Projektmanagement Tools

So thanks to everyone who helps us create the best product on the market.
Our journey has only just begun.

– Klaus Riedel –Agile Transformer

Psst... runScrum is temporarily available for free!