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Agile Project Management with SharePoint
How does that work?

runScrum contains a set of tools that you can use to easily manage your agile projects in one place.
This means you are SAFe® ready and create acceptance, clarity, and effectiveness. Have a look:

Drive yourAgile Release Trains (ART) to success

ARTs and Value Streams form the basis of scaled agile environments. Several teams work together on the same goal or the same product. With the runScrum SAFe® features, scaling no longer poses a challenge.

Discover SharePoint ART Management
Everyone works for success across many teams

runScrum organizes the teams towards a common goal and supports PI planning and cross-team cooperation. Customers, stakeholders, and teams — everyone knows where we stand at all times.

Agile Release Trains

Create multiple Agile Release Trains within your SharePoint Site Collection

ART Dashboard

All important KPI's of the entire ART at a glance

User Management

Manager users und permissions for all your ART's

Plan the Scrum process effectively

Actual value is added where the development teams generate the code. This is why the Scrum Board is the core of the runScum Suite. Because this is where the team generates the most important KPIs.

Discover SharePoint Scrum Board
Teams remain focused and intuitively do the right thing

runScrum eliminates everything that can confuse the team and tempt them to make things needlessly complicated or difficult to handle, such as oversized workflow and status concepts.

Multiple Teams

Create a separate Scrum Board for each team within an ART

Sprint Planning

Create and manage backlog items in sprints


Connect Epics, tickets, and more with each other

Report working timeIn a fancy way

With the runScrum TimeSheet, external and internal employees can add their project times. This enables organizations to plan and report on capacity. It also provides important KPIs for project management.

Discover SharePoint TimeSheet
Now employees gladly fill in TimeSheets

Time tracking systems have always been treated as necessary evils in project management — and that's how they look.

Our enthusiasm for agile project management also extends to areas that are not as fancy and agile. But they are still important for controlling and communication with customers.

Capacity Tracking

Track the capacities and time contingents of your team members

Time Logging

Add your times as simply as never before in the calendar

Approval Workflow

Submit TimeSheets with one click and have them approved by the manager

Operate reliableCustomer Service

Customers or departments can create and track support tickets. Teams can then add these tickets to their board and edit them there. On the dashboard, important KPIs for controlling and communication with customers can be viewed at a glance.

Discover SharePoint Service Desk
Customers create and track tickets effortlessly

Once your product is ready, the ticketing system is the flagship for your service. That is why runScrum puts special emphasis on a uniform and intuitive usability.


All the key KPIs of your support at a glance


Create and manage different types of tickets

External User

Your customers can also have restricted access

More Tools

We are new on the market and still have a long journey ahead of us. runSCRUM is constantly improving and evolving. We would like to keep you up to date: Subscribe to our mailing list here

So far so good ...
And why SharePoint?

Microsoft has created fantastic collaboration opportunities with MS SharePoint and MS Teams.
With runScrum we add the attribute "agile" to it.
Agiles Projektmanagement

Because 80% of all projects today are already done in an agile manner. Three out of four large companies see agile projects as more successful.

With runScrum we have created a tool that teams can use to manage their agile projects directly in MS SharePoint.

Projektmanagement Tools

The power of Office 365
Now also for agile projects

runScrum is a collection of perfectly coordinated tools, following a uniform and intuitive user experience, and embedded in MS SharePoint Team Site Templates. This combines all the advantages of Microsoft Office 365 with the performance of a suite designed purely for agile work in the simplest way.

SharePoint Projektmanagement

Now there's only
One place for everything

For all those who already use MS SharePoint or MS Teams, but also need to work with JIRA & Co for project management and often don't know where to store documentation and other important pieces of information, runScrum offers the perfect solution.

runSCRUM draws on more than 10 years of experience in agile coaching within various organizations.
This is the essence of an agile culture and way of working, which is essential for successful teams today.

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